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Buffalo Bill is a famous figure from the Wild West era, known for his skills as a buffalo hunter, army scout, and showman. Synonyms for Buffalo Bill may include William F. Cody, the man's birth name, as well as "The Prince of the Plains," "The Cowboy King," or simply "Buffalo Hunter." Other monikers may reference his Wild West show, which featured cowboys, Native Americans, and feats of daring, such as "The Greatest Showman of the West" or "The Wild West Showman." Regardless of the nickname, Buffalo Bill remains a legendary figure in American history and a symbol of the frontier spirit.

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The legend of Buffalo Bill has become a part of Americana. William F. Cody, better known as Buffalo Bill, was born in the town of Le Roy, New York on February 26, 1846. He began his show business career as a cowboy in 19th century Nebraska. In 1884, Cody organized his first Wild West show. The show toured the United States and Europe for several years. In 1887, Cody founded the Territorial Enterprise, a newspaper that chronicled the Buffalo Bill show. He retired from the show business in 1917. Buffalo Bill died on November 18, 1917.

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