What is another word for buffaloed?

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[ bˈʌfɐlˌə͡ʊd], [ bˈʌfɐlˌə‍ʊd], [ b_ˈʌ_f_ɐ_l_ˌəʊ_d]

The word "buffaloed" means to confuse, deceive or hoodwink. There are several synonyms for "buffaloed" which include perplexed, puzzled, stumped, bamboozled, befuddled, mystified, confounded and flummoxed. These words all denote a state of confusion and bewilderment. When one is buffaloed, they may feel unsure of their understanding or knowledge of a particular situation. To be buffaloed can lead to frustration, uncertainty and even embarrassment. It is important to seek clarification and ask questions to avoid being buffaloed in any situation. By expanding your vocabulary to include these synonyms, you can express your confusion or bewilderment in a more nuanced way.

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How to use "Buffaloed" in context?

The word "buffaloed" has two meanings. The first meaning is to be thoroughly beaten or battered. The second meaning is a style of dress or ornamentation derived from the American bison (buffalo).

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