What is another word for Buffooneries?

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Buffooneries is a word that describes behavior that is ridiculous or foolish. There are many different synonyms that could be used to describe this type of behavior. Some of these synonyms include foolishness, silliness, clowning around, goofing off, and tomfoolery. Other potential synonyms include horseplay, monkeyshines, hijinks, shenanigans, and japes. Each of these words can be used to describe behavior that is playful or silly, but also potentially annoying or disrupting. When looking for a word that captures the essence of buffooneries, it is important to consider the context of the behavior and the emotions it elicits in those observing it.

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How to use "Buffooneries" in context?

Contributed by Gail D. Loeb, RN, MS

Buffooneries are usually considered humorous and enjoyable diversions, but they can also be risky. Just because something is considered a buffoonery doesn't mean it's harmless.

Some examples of buffoonery include doing nutty things just to get attention, appearing in public naked or wearing bizarre clothing, and making irritating or loud noises.

While buffooneries can be a lot of fun, they also have the potential to hurt others. For example, a person who constantly exposes themselves to public scrutiny may be ridiculed and feel uncomfortable.

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