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Bugger is a slang term that is used to express annoyance, frustration or anger. It is considered a profanity in some cultures and can be inappropriate in certain settings. While the term is commonly used, there are numerous synonyms that can be utilized in its place. These include curse, damn, darn, jinx, hex, curse word, swear word, and expletive. It is important to note that using any of these terms may still be considered inappropriate in certain contexts, so it is best to use discretion and be mindful of one's surroundings when utilizing such language.

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Bogus: false or not authentic; fraudulent; spurious.

The word "bugger" is a strong and vulgar word that is usually used to refer to someone who is unprofessional or acting in a way that is not appropriate. It is typically used as an insult and is not polite language. The word is indigenous to the UK and is most commonly used in the working class and rural areas.

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