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The term "burka" is commonly known as the full-length veil that covers a woman's entire body, leaving only a small mesh window for the eyes. However, there are many different synonyms for this term, as it varies depending on the cultural or regional context. In some countries, it is known as a "niqab," a "chador," or a "hijab." Additionally, some communities call it a "parda" or a "abaya." These synonyms all describe clothing elements used by women to cover themselves for the sake of modesty and cultural or religious practices. Regardless of the region or culture, the ideas behind these garments are the same: modesty, privacy, and respect.

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    There is a lot of social and political noise around the terms "burka" and "niqab" in recent years. Some people advocate for their full-face veil to be illegalised or restricted, while others believe that the women who wear them are being oppressed.

    The niqab has been in the news recently because of comments by Donald Trump, the President of the United States. Mr Trump said that he would like to see the full-face veil banned in the US. He said that it was "appendage of terror" and "a danger to our nation".

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