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When referring to tree knots or irregular growths, the word "burl" is commonly used. However, there are several other words that can be used to describe these kinds of tree formations. One of these is "gnarl," which is most often used to describe a twisted, knotted branch or trunk. "Whorl" is another alternative that refers to a circular or spiral pattern of growth in the tree bark. "Knot" is also often used to describe tree burls and refers to a hard, irregularity in the wood grain. Other related terms include "bulge," "lump," and "node," each of which can be used to describe different aspects of these distinctive growths in trees.

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Burl is a figure of speech used to describe the enhanced wood grain appearance on the exterior of a wood product caused by the treatment of the wood with a liquid or gas atmosphere. It is sometimes called "crowning," "the peak," or "the Liberty Bell effect.

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