What is another word for burthen?

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Burthen is a word used to describe something that is heavy or a source of great worry or distress. However, there are several other synonyms that can be used in its place. The word weight can be used to describe a physical burden, while anxiety or concern can convey the idea of an emotional burden. Other synonyms include load, pressure, responsibility, and obligation. All of these words convey the notion of something that is burdensome and requires effort or attention to overcome. Whether describing physical or emotional burdens, there are many words that can be used in place of burthen to convey the same idea in a more nuanced or precise way.

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    Synonyms for Burthen:

    How to use "Burthen" in context?

    Burthen is a noun meaning "the weight, burden, or pressure of something." This can refer to the physical weight of something, the emotional weight of something, or the financial burden of something.

    Sometimes burthen refers to things that are difficult or oppressive to carry. For example, a heavy bag of groceries is burthenous, and carrying that burden may be difficult. The same is true for a young child who is trying to walk with loads of toys.

    Sometimes burthen is used metaphorically to describe something that is difficult or burdensome to deal with.

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