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Bury is a word that refers to covering or hiding something or someone deeply in the ground. There are various synonyms for the term "bury" that can be used in different contexts, including entomb, inter, commit, and interment. Entomb suggests placing a body in a tomb or mausoleum, while inter indicates burying in a grave. Commit is mostly used to describe the act of putting someone in a place to stay or be safe. Lastly, interment is the act of burying a dead body into the ground. Using synonyms of bury can enrich your language and make your speech or writing sound more interesting and diverse.

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    -bury is the act of putting something, usually a corpse, below the surface of the earth.

    -Bury is usually done to cover up the body and to prevent it from being discovered.

    -Bury can also refer to the act of putting something or somebody away for a period of time.

    -People bury things for different reasons, including honoring the dead, avoiding pests, and making room for new growth.

    -Bury can also signify sorrow and remembrance.

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