What is another word for buttress?

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Buttress can be replaced by several different synonyms depending on the context in which it is used. Some possible synonyms for buttress are support, reinforcement, brace, prop, stay, bolster, and underpinning. These words all share the common meaning of providing additional strength or support to something. For example, a building may use buttresses to provide support and stability to its walls, while a company may use financial reserves as a buttress against market fluctuations. Overall, using synonyms for the word buttress can help provide more variety and nuance in writing and speaking and help to convey specific meanings and contexts more effectively.

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    1. buttress originated from the ancient Greek word βάτρος (bátros),meaning organ,pillow,support. Buttresses were used to support walls and other structures in ancient times. They are also used today in construction due to their unique ability to resist shear and tensile forces.

    2. Buttresses typically consist of two or more short, vertical supports close to each other, with a stone, brick, or concrete wall between them. The supports are angled or staggered in order to provide resistance to uplift or lateral forces.

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