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The word "buyer" refers to a person who purchases goods or services. There are several synonyms for "buyer" such as shopper, consumer, purchaser, customer, client, and patron. The term "shopper" is often used to describe someone who browses multiple stores before making a purchase. "Consumer" is a more formal term for a buyer, and "purchaser" specifies that the person has made a transaction. "Customer" is a common term used by businesses to refer to their buyers. "Client" describes a buyer who has a long-term relationship with a business, while "patron" implies support for a particular establishment or business. Understanding the nuances of these synonyms can help in crafting precise messages while communicating with buyers.

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    There are three types of buyers: the proactive, the reactive, and the neutral.

    The proactive buyer is the person who is looking for the best deal possible, regardless of the cost. They are always looking for ways to save money and are less likely to be influenced by the seller's offer. Reactive buyers are more concerned with making a decision quickly and are more likely to be influenced by the seller's price. The neutral buyer is the person who is looking for the best value for their money and is not influenced by either the cost or the price.

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