What is another word for by itself?

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[ ba͡ɪ ɪtsˈɛlf], [ ba‍ɪ ɪtsˈɛlf], [ b_aɪ ɪ_t_s_ˈɛ_l_f]

The phrase "by itself" can be replaced by a number of synonyms to add variety to your writing. Some alternatives may include "alone," "self-sufficiently," "solo," "independently," "autonomously," and "unaccompanied." Each of these words carries a slightly different connotation and can alter the tone and meaning of a sentence. For instance, "alone" may convey a sense of isolation, while "self-sufficiently" brings to mind a system that can function without outside help. Choosing the right synonym for "by itself" will ultimately depend on the context and desired effect of a particular sentence.

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    How to use "By itself" in context?

    By itself, the word means single. It is a singular word and should only be used when referring to a thing, not when discussing people or groups. For example, you cannot say "the book is by itself" because a book can be part of a group. Instead, you would say "the book is on the table.

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