What is another word for cabbalah?

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[ kˈabalə], [ kˈabalə], [ k_ˈa_b_a_l_ə]

Kabbalah, also spelled Cabala or Qabbālāh, has several synonyms that refer to the same mystical tradition of Judaism. These synonyms include Jewish mysticism, Esoteric Judaism, and the mysticism of the Torah. In addition, some scholars have used the term "Philosophy of Jewish Mysticism" to describe the Kabbalah. Other related terms include the Merkavah and Hekhalot literature, which are ancient Jewish texts that describe mystical experiences and visions. While there are subtle differences among these terms, they all refer to the same tradition of Jewish mysticism that seeks to understand the nature of God, the universe, and the human soul.

How to use "Cabbalah" in context?

Cabbalah is a Hebrew word meaning "to receive." It is the common name given to a set of teachings and practices related to the mystical interpretation of the Hebrew Bible. The word has come to be used more generally to describe all mystical traditions, including those of alchemy, Hermeticism, Neoplatonism, and Kabbalah. Cabbalah is also the name given to the mystical tradition represented by the Zohar, which is the primary source of the doctrine of the cabbalists.

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