What is another word for cable system?

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A "cable system" is a term used to describe the network of cables used to transmit data or signals over long distances. There are several different synonyms for the term "cable system" that can be used depending on the context. Some common alternatives include "wired network," "communications infrastructure," "data transmission network," and "fiber optic connection." Other more specialized terms might include "coaxial system," "power line communication network," or "telecommunications network." Each of these terms is used to describe different types of cable systems that are used to support a wide range of applications, from high-speed internet to global telecommunications systems.

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Cable television is a delivery system for television programming, consisting of a network of cables arranged in a network. The term can also refer to the equipment used to generate, receive, or display the television signal, including amplifiers, antennas, and video display devices. A cable system usually consists of a headend, which provides processing, storage, and distribution of programming to various local terminals that are connected to the headend via coaxial cables. The term cable TV usually refers to the programming provided by the cable operator

The first cable systems were developed in the 1920s. In 1928, John Q.

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