What is another word for cabriolet?

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Cabriolet, a two-door car with a retractable roof, is also known by several synonyms. Convertible is a common synonym for cabriolet, which can be traced back to the early 18th century. Drop-top is a more informal term for a convertible cabriolet, which is popular among car enthusiasts. Open-top and soft-top are also used interchangeably with the term cabriolet. Roadster, on the other hand, refers to a small sports car with convertible features. Finally, Spyder, which is also spelled spider or spider, originally referred to lightweight sports cars with no roof but is now used to describe certain models of convertible cars, especially those from Porsche and Ferrari.

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    Cabriolet is an open top two seater sports car that was built between 1915 and 1922. Cabriolets were designed with comfort and style in mind, and they quickly became popular as a luxurious alternative to the commonly seen closed top cars. The cabriolet style became especially popular in the 1930s, when they became popular racing cars. As technology has advanced and new car models have been introduced, the cabriolet style has gradually lost its appeal. However, cabriolet style cars remain popular as classic cars, and they are often used for weekend drives and special occasions.

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