What is another word for Caddies?

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Caddies, typically a golfer's assistant who carries their equipment, has several synonym options. The most common synonymous terms are "bag carrier," "golf attendant," or simply "attendant." Other options can depend on the context in which the term is being used. For instance, in a workplace setting, a caddy could be referred to as an "assistant" or "personal aide." Furthermore, for those familiar with British English, "caddy" may be replaced with "cadger." Ultimately, the best choice depends on the context, but there are several synonyms available for those looking to mix things up.

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    How to use "Caddies" in context?

    Caddies are usually women, many in their twenties, whowait on golfers at golf courses.

    The term caddie comes from the ancient game of golf, which was played on an adjacent field with a set of fifteen or twenty burrowing pigs (Equus asinus), each pig playing for a small stakes. A caddy was a man who carried the golf ball for a player, and the first known reference to the role is found in 1811.

    The caddy profession was formalized in the early twentieth century.

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