What is another word for cairn?

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The word "cairn" refers to a pile of stones or rocks, often used as a trail marker or a memorial. There are several synonyms for this word, including "mound," "heap," "pile," "rock cairn," and "stone heap." These words are often used interchangeably depending on the specific context or purpose of the structure. For example, "mound" is generally used to describe a larger, more prominent pile of stones, while "heap" and "pile" may refer to smaller structures. "Rock cairn" and "stone heap" both emphasize the use of stones in the structure. Whatever the word used, cairns remain an important part of outdoor recreation, navigation, and spiritual traditions around the world.

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How to use "Cairn" in context?

The cairn is a prehistoric structure, typically a pile of stones raised as a memorial or landmark.

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