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Caissons are underwater structures that are used to place bridges, piers or other structures. There are other terms that are used interchangeably with caissons. The first synonym is cofferdam, which refers to an enclosed area that is built on a construction site and then flooded with water to support the construction of a large offshore structure. The second synonym is pneumatic caisson, which refers to a specially designed type of caisson that uses compressed air to create a dry work environment underwater. Finally, deep foundation is a term used to describe the use of caissons as a foundation system for tall buildings or other large structures. All of these synonyms are important for construction professionals to know so that they may select the appropriate foundation system for their project.

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    The caisson, or caissons, were large, floating platforms that were used in various ways during the French and Napoleonic Wars. The caisson was a predecessor to the submarine and the lifeboat, both of which would play important roles in maritime warfare in the early 19th century. The early caissons were made of wood and were very heavy, which made them difficult to move and difficult to support. They were also expensive to construct and maintain, which limited their use.

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