What is another word for calamity howler?

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[ kɐlˈamɪti hˈa͡ʊlə], [ kɐlˈamɪti hˈa‍ʊlə], [ k_ɐ_l_ˈa_m_ɪ_t_i h_ˈaʊ_l_ə]

Calamity howler is a phrase used to describe someone who predicts or warns of impending disaster or catastrophe. There are several synonyms for this term, including doomsayer, alarmist, prophet of doom, and haruspex. A doomsayer is one who constantly predicts the end of the world, often using religious or mythical references. An alarmist is someone who exaggerates the severity of a situation, causing unnecessary panic. A prophet of doom predicts misfortune or disaster with a great deal of certainty. Finally, a haruspex is an ancient Roman diviner who predicted the future by examining the entrails of animals. All of these terms describe those who predict calamity, often with little evidence to support their claims.

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The calamity howler is a well-known and common animal found throughout North America. This animal is a small bushy-tailed possum that howls excessively when it is frightened or in distress. These howls are extremely loud and can be heard for miles, helping to scare away predators or attract mates. The calamity howler is one of the few species of possum that communicates through howling.

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