What is another word for calculated?

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Calculated is an adjective used to describe something that is done intentionally with a strategy or plan in mind. Some synonyms for calculated include premeditated, planned, deliberate, designed, and thought out. Premeditated implies that the action was done with advance planning, possibly with malicious intent. Planned similarly suggests careful forethought and preparation. Deliberate carries a connotation of conscious intention and purpose. Designed implies a systematic approach to creating a product or outcome. Thought out refers to something that has been considered and planned carefully. All of these synonyms indicate a level of planning and intentionality behind an action or decision.

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How to use "Calculated" in context?

Calculated means to arrive at or perform a result by a systematic process of reasoning. Calculated results are often planned and executed with precision. In business, calculating can mean assembling and analyzing data to create informative reports or forecasts.

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