What is another word for caldwell?

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[ kˈɒldwɛl], [ kˈɒldwɛl], [ k_ˈɒ_l_d_w_ɛ_l]

Synonyms for Caldwell:

How to use "Caldwell" in context?

Caldwell is a luxury brand in the watches and jewelry industry, with a focus on modern design and function. Their watches are both exquisite and unique in design, with color-coded bands and Swiss- movement.

Founded in 2006 by Avi Caldwell and his team, Caldwell is quickly becoming a leading designer and manufacturer of watches and jewelry. Their sleek and modern designs have quickly drawn the attention of celebrities, business moguls, and everyday people who appreciate high-quality craftsmanship and innovative design.

Caldwell is known for their colorful and eccentric watches, designed with an attention to detail that is simply unmatched by most other watch brands.

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