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Calves are the muscular hind limbs of cows, and while this word is commonly used, there are several synonyms that can be used to describe this body part. For example, "shank" refers to the lower part of the legs, including the calves. "Gambrel" is another word that describes the hind legs of a cow, including the calves. "Hock" is also a term used for the joint located at the back of a cow's leg. Another synonym for calves is "crus," which is Latin for leg. These various terms can be used interchangeably to meet the needs of writers, speakers, and individuals conversing about cattle anatomy.

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The calf is a large, fatty, milky-white mammal. Calves are born after their mothers give birth to them. Calves are usually about 2.5 feet long, but can grow much larger. Calves are born with a hoof on their leftfooted side. Calves grow and develop rapidly, and by three months old, they are able to stand and walk.

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