What is another word for Cankered?

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Cankered is a term that means something has become corrupt or diseased, whether it's a physical object, a relationship or an idea. When describing something that has become cankered, it's possible to use other words to convey the same meaning. Words like corroded, rotten, spoiled, or contaminated can be used to refer to something that has deteriorated or decayed. Other synonyms for cankered include damaged, flawed, or degraded. Whether you're writing a story, a poem, or a letter, using these synonyms will help you convey your message effectively, and bring your readers to a better understanding of your message.

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    Cankered is an album by the black metal band Dissection. It was released on 15 February 2001 through Regain Records. The album's cover artwork was created by Regain Records owner Alfonso Signer.

    The album deals with metaphysical and religious themes, and is often considered one of Dissection's most ambitious and complex albums.

    The title track, "Cankered", is about a person who has been spiritually corrupted by evil. "The Scrying Pool" is about a person who has been cursed with a prophetic vision. "Death and the Maiden" is about a pagan marriage between death and a maiden.

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