What is another word for cannabis sativa?

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Cannabis Sativa, also known as the hemp plant, is a versatile plant with a variety of uses. It is also commonly referred to as marijuana, weed, pot, ganja, Mary Jane, grass, and herb. Other synonyms for Cannabis Sativa includes bud, blunt, spliff, joint, reefer, hash, kush, skunk, and hemp. Though known for its psychoactive effects, Cannabis Sativa has been long prized for its medicinal benefits as well. As medical research continues to explore the many ways in which it can be harnessed to alleviate pain, treat depression, and even stimulate appetite, Cannabis Sativa remains a valuable crop for many communities across the globe.

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    How to use "Cannabis sativa" in context?

    What is cannabis sativa?

    Cannabis sativa is a species of the Cannabis genus of perennial flowering plants. It is the most widely grown recreational drug in the world. C. sativa varieties are known for their high THC content, which make them useful for medical cannabis and recreational use. The specific variety used for medical marijuana is C. indica.

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