What is another word for Canvassed?

78 synonyms found


[ kˈanvəst], [ kˈanvəst], [ k_ˈa_n_v_ə_s_t]

Related words: canvassed for, canvassed in, canvassed with, canvassed on

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    How to use "Canvassed" in context?

    Canvassing is a process where volunteers go door-to-door to collect information. Canvassing can be used to gather information about a political issue, to find out how people feel about a candidate or issue, or to learn more about a community. The goal of canvassing is to get as many responses as possible so that the nonprofit can draw valid conclusions about what is important to the people in the community.

    It is important to note that canvassing is not a sales tactic. Instead, it is a way to connect with people and learn about their concerns.

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