What is another word for capital-intensive?

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Capital-intensive refers to businesses or industries that require a significant amount of capital or investment in order to operate. Other synonyms for capital-intensive include "asset-heavy," "cash-intensive," "investment-driven," and "infrastructure-rich." These terms emphasize the importance of financial resources in the success of the business. An asset-heavy business relies heavily on physical assets like equipment and real estate, while a cash-intensive business requires large amounts of cash flow to finance operations. Investment-driven emphasizes the importance of long-term investments to support growth and infrastructure-rich highlights the need for a complex infrastructure to support the business. All these synonyms highlight the need for substantial investment to support the business operations.

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    Capital intensive enterprises are those that require more capital to get started up and running than other enterprises. They typically require more money to purchase goods and services, produce goods, and hire employees.

    One reason for this is that capital intensive enterprises typically have a larger upfront investment requirement. This means that they require more cash upfront to get things underway, as opposed to businesses that are more labor-intensive. This can make them more costly to start up, and can also lead to higher ongoing costs associated with running them.

    In addition, capital intensive businesses often require a higher level of expertise and knowledge to be successful.

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