What is another word for capitalisation?

Pronunciation: [kˌapɪtəla͡ɪzˈe͡ɪʃən] (IPA)

Capitalisation is a term used usually in the context of finance or accounting, where it refers to the conversion of an asset's value into a capital asset. Some synonyms of capitalisation include valuation, estimation, assessment, appraisal, and quantification. These words signify a process of determining the value of something and assigning it a monetary worth. Another synonym that could be used in a more literary sense is emphasis, where capitalisation serves to add weight or importance to certain words or phrases. Whether it be financial or literary, capitalisation is a crucial aspect of communication, providing clarity and meaning to the message being conveyed.

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Usage examples for Capitalisation

capitalisation and hyphen usage has been made consistent within individual stories.
"Snowdrop and Other Tales"
Jacob Grimm Wilhelm Grimm
Their little income, derived from the rent of three barren and stony farms and amounting to not more than sixty dollars a month, represented a capitalisation of whale oil.
"Love, The Fiddler"
Lloyd Osbourne
By this scheme a local company was to be organised with a capitalisation of $500,000, which would be sufficient to begin with.
"The Major"
Ralph Connor

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