What is another word for Capsules?

Pronunciation: [kˈapsjuːlz] (IPA)

Capsules are commonly used dosage forms that come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. However, they are not always referred to as "capsules." There are several synonyms that can be used to describe this form of medication. One common alternative term is "pills," which are solid, round forms that come in different sizes and colors. Another alternative term is "tablets," which are also solid but are generally flat and can be scored or unscored. "Gel caps," "soft gels," and "liqui-gels" are also used to describe capsules that have a liquid or semi-solid core enclosed in a thin, gelatinous coating. "Caplets" are oval-shaped tablets that are coated to resemble capsules. Whatever the terminology used, capsules remain a popular and effective form of medication delivery.

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Usage examples for Capsules

These Capsules or pods were nearly a foot in length, though not much thicker than a swan's quill.
"Popular Adventure Tales"
Mayne Reid
"Here are some one-grain quinine Capsules," she said.
"A Bicycle of Cathay"
Frank R. Stockton
It was certainly pleasant to leave that village, which had been my home for the greater part of a year, without the feeling that there was no one in it who cared for me, even to the extent of a little box of quinine Capsules.
"A Bicycle of Cathay"
Frank R. Stockton

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