What is another word for cargo hold?

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A cargo hold is a storage space in a ship or plane where goods are loaded and transported. Synonyms for this term include cargo compartment, hold, bay, and locker. The word hold is often used interchangeably with cargo hold, as it refers to the same space used for storing goods during transportation. Similarly, bay is used to describe a cargo hold in a specific area of a ship, while locker is used to describe a smaller storage area typically found on private vessels. These synonyms are commonly used in the shipping and aviation industries and are essential for communication among crew members.

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    How to use "Cargo hold" in context?

    Every airline has a cargo hold - some small and some quite large.

    A cargo hold is usually a compartment on an aircraft used to store cargo or luggage. The hold can also be used to store aircraft parts, such as wings and parts of the engine.

    The size of a cargo hold varies, but it is typically between 16 and 36 feet long, 6 and 18 feet wide and 6 and 18 feet high. The hold is usually divided into sections, with separate compartments for luggage, freight and cargo.

    The hold is often a claustrophobic place, and it can be very hot and humid.

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