What is another word for carmine?

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Carmine, a deep red pigment originally derived from the shells of female cochineal insects, has numerous synonyms that can be used to describe similar colors. Some common synonyms for carmine include crimson, scarlet, garnet, ruby, and burgundy. These descriptors can refer to various shades that fall within the red spectrum, ranging from bright and bold to dark and sultry. Other synonyms for carmine may include magenta, maroon, rouge, and cherry red. Whatever the exact shade, carmine and its synonyms have long been associated with passion, intensity, and richness, making them a popular choice for clothing, decor, and art.

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    Carmine is a deep pink to red powder derived from the dried modified concentrated juice of several species of the Scarlet raspberry plant. Natural carmine is one of the most expensive food colorings, but synthetic carmine is now often used in foods and beverages. Carmine is used as a food colorant, and its primary use is in tomato products.

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