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Carnivore is a term used to describe an animal that primarily feeds on meat. If you are looking for synonyms for this word, there are several options available. Some common alternatives to carnivore include predator, hunter, meat eater, and flesh-eater. Other more specific terms include obligate carnivore, which refers to animals that only eat meat, and insectivore, which describes animals that exclusively feed on insects. Additionally, terms like scavenger and carrion-eater can be used to describe animals that primarily feed on dead animals. Whatever term you choose, make sure it accurately describes the diet and behavior of the animal in question.

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How to use "Carnivore" in context?

Hunting, trapping, scavenging: these are all activities that are commonly associated with carnivores. But what does that actually mean for these animals?

Carnivores are animals that primarily eat meat. This means that they have sharp teeth and strong jaws that are specially adapted for breaking down and eating flesh.

Some carnivores, such as lions, tigers, and bears, are apex predators, meaning that they are the top of the food chain. They can capture and kill much larger prey than any other animal.

Other carnivores, such as opossums and foxes, are scavengers.

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