What is another word for carrefour?

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Carrefour is a French word that translates to "crossroads" in English. Some synonyms for Carrefour include intersection, juncture, crossway, crossing, and junction. These words all reflect the idea of two or more roads converging at a single point, creating a hub of activity and exchange. The word Carrefour often refers to a physical location, such as a large shopping center or a busy market square. However, it can also be used in a more abstract sense to describe a moment or event where different paths or perspectives intersect. Whatever the context, Carrefour signifies a coming together of different elements, and the potential for new connections and opportunities to emerge.

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    How to use "Carrefour" in context?

    Carrefour is a French retailer which started operation in 1964. It has over 12,000 stores across France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Some of the Carrefour stores are hypermarkets, while others are retail stores. Carrefour is headquartered in Lille, France. The company's slogan is "Trouvez ce que vous cherchez" (Find what you're looking for).

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