What is another word for Casehardened?

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The word "casehardened" refers to a process where a surface layer of metal is toughened through a specific heat treatment. Some synonyms for casehardened include "tempered," "hardened," "strengthened," "fortified," and "toughened." Other words that convey a similar meaning include "resilient," "durable," "sturdy," and "hard-wearing." When it comes to behavior, being casehardened can also be associated with being unyielding, inflexible, or obstinate. In the world of business, casehardened can describe a company or individual who is difficult to negotiate with and resistant to change. Overall, casehardened is a word that conveys strength and resilience.

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How to use "Casehardened" in context?

Case-hardening is a process of treating a material so that its surface becomes harder, more brittle, and less pliable than before. The main reason to case-harden is to make the material harder and more resistant to damage. There are two ways to case-harden: by heat or by pressure. Heat case-hardening occurs when heat is applied to the material. Pressure case-hardening occurs when pressure is applied to the material.

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