What is another word for cast loose?

Pronunciation: [kˈast lˈuːs] (IPA)

"Cast loose" is a phrase typically used to describe the act of releasing something or someone from captivity, restraint or confinement. There are several synonyms for this phrase that can be used interchangeably such as "unleash", "free", "release", "untether", "loosen", "unhook", and "detach". All of these words carry a similar meaning to "cast loose" in that they refer to the act of separating or disassociating oneself from a certain situation, object, or individual. When trying to communicate your message with more clarity, it's helpful to have a good grasp of these synonyms and know how to use them effectively in context.

Synonyms for Cast loose:

What are the hypernyms for Cast loose?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for cast loose?

The phrase "cast loose" means to release or set free. Antonyms for this phrase would include words like constrain, bind, clutch, hold, and cling to. When we constrain something, we put boundaries or restrictions around it, holding it tight to prevent its release. When we bind something, we tie it up or hold it in place, preventing it from moving. Similarly, clutching, holding and clinging to something keeps it from being set loose. All of these antonyms imply some sort of confinement or restriction rather than the freedom that "cast loose" implies.

What are the antonyms for Cast loose?

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