What is another word for casuistry?

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Casuistry is a term used to describe the practice of applying ethical principles to difficult moral dilemmas. There are several synonyms that can be used in place of this word, including sophistry, equivocation, and speciousness. These terms all refer to the act of using clever or deceptive arguments to justify questionable or unethical behavior. Other synonyms for casuistry include quibbling, hairsplitting, and legalism, all of which suggest a narrow or rigid interpretation of moral principles. Ultimately, whether we call it casuistry or any of these other terms, this kind of ethical reasoning reminds us of the complexities of making ethical decisions in real-world situations.

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    Casuistry, in its simplest form, is the application of legal reasoning to moral or ethical dilemmas. Casuistry can take a number of different forms, including judicial reasoning, moral argumentation, and pragmatic reasoning. Casuistry has a long and distinguished history in legal, moral, and theological discourse, and is still used today in a variety of contexts.

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