What is another word for cat burglar?

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A "cat burglar" is a term used to describe a thief who specializes in breaking into homes or buildings primarily for theft purposes. Some synonyms for this term include "sneak thief," "night thief," "housebreaker," "safe cracker," "jimmy," and "crook." These words all refer to a person who is expert at evading detection and moving in and out of a place unnoticed. A cat burglar is known for his stealth and agility, like a cat, which makes it difficult for law enforcement to catch him. These synonyms can be used interchangeably with "cat burglar" to describe an individual who breaks into homes or buildings with the intent of stealing valuable items.

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    How to use "Cat burglar" in context?

    There's something about a cat burglar that always makes for a thrilling story. Whether it's the suspense of not knowing who or what is going to surprise you next, or the excitement of solving the mystery, these felines have milkshakes for brains. Who knew that these critters could be so crafty?

    Some say that burglars in general, and cats in particular, are attracted to the challenge and adrenaline of breaking into a secure building. Others say that cats are just naturally curious and sneaky, and that stealing from others is simply the next step in their life's journey.

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