What is another word for cat's-paw?

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There are several synonyms for the term "cat's-paw," which refers to a person who is used as a tool or dupe by someone else. Some common alternatives include "puppet," "pawn," "instrument," "tool," and "proxy." Each of these words implies a similar situation in which the person in question is being manipulated or controlled by someone else for their own benefit or gain. It's important to be aware of these synonyms and the situations in which they might be used, particularly in business or political contexts where manipulation and power dynamics are common.

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How to use "Cat's-paw" in context?

The British word "cat's-paw" is best defined as a mean or unfair act. It is most commonly used when someone is hurt or attacked and believe that the other person is responsible. For example, if a person bumps into another and the other person retaliates by punching or slapping the victim in the face, the person who was hit could be said to have "acted like a cat's paw.

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