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A catcher is a player in baseball whose main role is to catch pitches thrown by the pitcher. However, there are other terms used to refer to the position. One alternative is "backstop," which is derived from the back wall behind home plate. Another synonym is "receiver," which relates to the player's ability to receive the pitch. In some countries, the position is called "wicket-keeper," a term originating from cricket. Other terms include "maskman," "battery keeper," and "fence guard." Overall, these synonyms provide insight into the varied roles and responsibilities of the catcher position in baseball.

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    In the sport of baseball, a catcher is a player who is responsible for fielding any balls hit toward the catcher. This includes pickups of batted balls in the air as well as ground balls hit to the catcher. Catchers typically position themselves behind home plate, but in certain defensive plate appearances, they may move behind other fielders.

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