What is another word for caterwaul?

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[ kˈatəwˌɔːl], [ kˈatəwˌɔːl], [ k_ˈa_t_ə_w_ˌɔː_l]

"Caterwaul" is a unique word that describes a harsh and unpleasant sound that resembles a cat's yowl. But as with any word, there are synonyms that can be used to provide variety in one's writing or speech. One alternative is "howl," which refers to a prolonged and mournful sound made by a person or animal. "Screech" is another synonym, which typically describes a high-pitched and piercing sound. "Wail" is another option, which can refer to a loud and mournful cry made by someone in pain or grief. Other synonyms for caterwaul include "yowl," "bawl," "shriek," and "squawk".

Synonyms for Caterwaul:

How to use "Caterwaul" in context?

Caterwaul is an odd term; it has a melancholy sound to it, and it's often used to describe a deep, mournful cry. The word likely derives from the archaic term 'caterwauler', which referred to someone who made a great exhibition of noisy and overwhelming joy. The Oxford English Dictionary defines caterwaul as: 'a deep and mournful cry, usually on account of pain or sorrow, issuing from the chest of a human being.' Caterwauling can be heard all over the world, in every language, and it often accompanies a tragedy or a particularly sad moment.

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