What is another word for Caterwauling?

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When you hear someone caterwauling, there are plenty of other words that can describe the unpleasant sound. Howling, screeching, and yowling are just a few synonyms for caterwauling. Some other options include shrieking, bawling, and squealing. The word caterwauling is often used to describe the noise made by cats, so meowing, mewing, and yelping could also be used to describe a similar sound. Overall, there are many words in the English language that can be used to describe a noisy or annoying sound, and caterwauling is just one of them.

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    How to use "Caterwauling" in context?

    Most people know the term "cat-caterwaul" from lullabies. This is a type of singing in which a woman sings in a high-pitched, plaintive voice to evoke an emotional response in her listener. While the term is most commonly associated with female singers, it can be used by men. Caterwauling is considered a musical form with origins in the rural Southern United States.

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