What is another word for cattalo?

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Cattalo, also known as beefalo, is a hybrid breed of domestic cattle and American bison. The term "cattalo" is derived from the words "cattle" and "buffalo", but there are many other synonyms to describe this intriguing creature. Some of these synonyms include "cattle bison cross", "bison hybrid", and "cow buffalo hybrid". Other terms used to describe this species are "cattlelo", "bison-cow hybrid", and "buffalo cow". Regardless of what you call them, cattalo are fascinating animals, as they combine the hardiness and adaptability of the bison with the productivity and docility of cattle. This has led to their popularity among farmers and ranchers around the world.

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The Italian word "cattalo" refers to both a domesticated type of cattle and a type of wild cattle. In Italy, there are three types of wild cattle, the Barbary, the North African, and the Cape Bosbrandt.

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