What is another word for CD ROM?

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CD ROM, also known as Compact Disc Read-Only Memory, has a variety of synonyms that are commonly used in the world of technology. Some of the most common synonyms include optical disc, disc drive, and storage media. Other terms that are used include digital versatile disc (DVD), Blu-ray, and even cloud storage. Each of these terms refers to a different type of storage medium, with DVD and Blu-ray offering higher capacities and cloud storage being a newer technology that eliminates the need for physical media. Regardless of the terminology used, all of these options are vital for storing and accessing digital information.

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How to use "CD ROM" in context?

The CD ROM was first introduced in the early 1980s as a storage format for digital data. CDs can store a large amount of data and are easy to use. Many computers now come with a CD ROM drive.

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