What is another word for cenozoic?

Pronunciation: [sˈɛnəzˌə͡ʊɪk] (IPA)

Cenozoic is a geological era of the Earth's history that extended from about 66 million years ago to the present day. It is marked by the emergence and evolution of mammals and birds, as well as significant climate changes. Some synonyms for the word Cenozoic include the Age of Mammals, the Tertiary period, and the Quaternary period. Other possible synonyms might include the era of modern life, the age of continents, or the age of angiosperms. Regardless of the term used, the Cenozoic era represents a pivotal time in the planet's history, and continues to shape the world we live in today.

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Usage examples for Cenozoic

In western North America, on the other hand, the strata of the Mesozoic-and of the cenozoic also-are widely spread.
"The Elements of Geology"
William Harmon Norton
The Paleozoic rocks are buried quite generally from view except where the mountain makings and continental uplifts of the Mesozoic and cenozoic have allowed profound erosion to bring them to light, as in deep canyons and about mountain axes.
"The Elements of Geology"
William Harmon Norton
It is therefore at the close of the Cretaceous that the line is drawn which marks the end of the Middle Age of geology and the beginning of the cenozoic era, the era of modern life,-the Age of Mammals.
"The Elements of Geology"
William Harmon Norton

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