What is another word for censorship?

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Censorship is a term that refers to the suppression or regulation of ideas, information or forms of expression that are considered to be offensive, dangerous or politically incorrect. Synonyms for censorship include suppression, control, restraint, regulation, restriction, and limitation. These synonyms reflect the different ways in which censorship can be applied in different contexts. For example, control may refer to the manipulation of ideas or information in order to influence public opinion, while suppression may refer to the complete removal of information or expression from public view. Each of these terms is used to describe the different ways in which censorship can be implemented in various aspects of society.

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    Censorship is the suppression of speech or writing because they may be judged to be offensive, dangerous, or offensive to some group. The first form of censorship is the practice of a ruler, priest, or other authority deciding what is and is not appropriate for public expression. This can be done through law, decree, or social pressure. Censorship can also be carried out by individuals, groups, or organizations. This can be done out of fear, hatred, or political correctness. Censorship can also be used to prevent competition from people or ideas.

    There are a variety of reasons why societies censor information.

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