What is another word for centralize?

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Centralize is a verb that means to bring something under one central authority or control. It is a term primarily used in business, politics, and administrative settings. Some synonyms for centralize include standardize, unify, consolidate, concentrate, and streamline. Standardize refers to the process of making something uniform or consistent. Unify means to bring together different elements or entities into a single entity. Consolidate is the act of combining several things or organizations into one. Concentrate refers to the act of bringing resources or power from various sources to one central location. Streamline means to simplify and optimize a process by removing unnecessary steps. These words can be used interchangeably with centralize based on the context.

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    Centralize something is to put it into a central location. This allows for better control and decision-making. By centralizing the data, it is easier to understand and analyze.

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