What is another word for centrepiece?

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Centrepiece is a term used to denote a decorative element that is used as the focal point of a table or a room. While centrepiece is a commonly used word, there are several other synonyms that can be used to describe this decorative piece. Some of the synonyms of centrepiece include centerpiece, focal point, showpiece, eye-catcher, feature, attraction, and highlight. All of these terms serve to convey the same meaning as centrepiece, i.e., a decorative element that is designed to capture attention and create a striking visual impact in a space. Choose the synonym that best suits the context and occasion to add charm and elegance to any room.

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How to use "Centrepiece" in context?

When most people think of a centerpiece, they immediately think of a pretty flower or a pretty bowl. But there are many, many other types of centerpieces that can be just as beautiful and just as special. Here are nine examples:

1. A beautifully arranged arrangement of fresh flowers in a vase or bowl can be a beautiful and fun centerpiece.

2. A beautiful arrangement of candles can add a beautiful glow and special atmosphere to any party.

3. A pretty fruit arrangement can be a beautiful centerpiece for a breakfast or brunch buffet.

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