What is another word for championships?

Pronunciation: [t͡ʃˈampi͡ənʃˌɪps] (IPA)

Synonyms for the word "championships" include tournaments, contests, competitions, matches, cups, cups competitions, titles, crowns, accolades, honors, and accolades. These words refer to events or awards that signify excellence, proficiency, or superiority in a particular area. Championships are typically held in various sports, such as football, basketball, and tennis, but they can also refer to academic, professional, or artistic competitions. They are usually highly competitive and prestigious, with participants from all over the world vying for the top prize. Overall, these synonyms reflect the excitement and significance attached to winning a championship and the recognition it brings.

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Usage examples for Championships

For a school of its size, it showed unusual competence and enthusiasm, winning both boys' and girls' county basketball championships several years running.
"Frying Pan Farm"
Elizabeth Brown Pryor
What with divided skirts, and no petticoats, and racing and running and tumbling in basket ball, and rowing races, and entering for prize championships in golf and the dear knows what, it'll be lucky if a mother of the next generation can tell whether she's borned girls or boys by the time her children are ten years old.
"Flamsted quarries"
Mary E. Waller
Now we played our matches over again, bitterly lamenting the 'if's' that had lost us the championships, and wildly approving the tackles that had saved, and the runs that had made the 'Varsity crowd go mad with delight and had won for us.
"Black Rock"
Ralph Connor

Famous quotes with Championships

  • The Bronx is famous for two things. Hip-hop, and 26 world championships.
    Kurtis Blow
  • So I'm going to tell you, it's going to be a good year. There are good players all over this country, and it is our job as a scouting department to find them, draft them, sign them, develop them, and help us to continue to win championships. So it's going to be a good year.
    Roy Clark
  • You can be the best person in the league but if you don't win championships, something's missing.
    Terrell Davis
  • The ones who want to achieve and win championships motivate themselves.
    Mike Ditka
  • Time will tell how you rate against the rest of the competition. I'll let everyone else worry about championships. I'm going to worry about qualifying at Pomona.
    Larry Dixon

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