What is another word for charitably?

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[ t͡ʃˈaɹɪtəblɪ], [ t‍ʃˈaɹɪtəblɪ], [ tʃ_ˈa_ɹ_ɪ_t_ə_b_l_ɪ]

Charitably is an adverb used to describe the act of giving generously, especially to those in need. A few synonyms for charitably are benevolently, philanthropically, compassionately, and kindly. These words express a willingness to help others and an attitude of generosity toward those who may be less fortunate. Additional synonyms for charitably include altruistically, selflessly, and liberally, which emphasize an unselfish and humanitarian approach to helping people. Whether it's through financial donations, volunteering time, or simply being kind to others, acting charitably is a fundamental aspect of being a caring and compassionate individual.

Synonyms for Charitably:

How to use "Charitably" in context?

For some, the concept of "charitably" is nothing but empty words. To them, this word is nothing more than a way to avoid responsibility, or to simply gain the approval of others. To these people, the act of being charitable means giving money, goods, or services to those in need without any thought for the consequences.

To others, the act of being charitable is simply a way to do good in the world. They believe that it is our responsibility as humans to help others, no matter how big or small the task may be.

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