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Charter, a word used commonly in business, can mean different things. It could refer to a formal agreement that outlines the rights and privileges of an organization, or it could mean a contract or permit authorizing the use of a vehicle. When it comes to synonyms, words that come to mind are license, permit, or certification. In the context of an aircraft or boat, charter might also refer to a lease or rental agreement. In some cases, charter could refer to a guiding principle, making words like mission, aim, or purpose relevant synonyms. Depending on the context, the word charter can be used interchangeably with other terms that convey a similar meaning.

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How to use "Charter" in context?

The charter is a fundamental document of a state or country. It is often similar to the Constitution of a national or regional government. It sets out the principles the government is based on, the powers it has, and the duties of its citizens. The charter typically contains provisions on fundamental rights and liberties, the form of government, and the division of powers between the central government and regional and local entities.

Many constitutions are based on a document called a charter. A charter is a fundamental document of a state or country, similar to the US Constitution.

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