What is another word for chatelaine?

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Chatelaine is a term that is rarely used these days, but it refers to a woman who is the head of a large household or estate. There are a few synonyms that you could use instead of chatelaine, such as housekeeper, headmistress, mistress of the house, or lady of the manor. Each of these phrases describes a woman who has responsibilities for managing a household or estate. Other synonyms might include estate manager, homemaker, or household steward. Each of these phrases suggests that the woman in question has significant duties related to household management. While the word chatelaine may not be used much today, there are plenty of other words that can be used to describe a woman in this role.

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    How to use "Chatelaine" in context?

    The word "chatelaine" is derived from the Middle French term "chatelain" which meant "lord's steward". In medieval times, a chatelaine was the lady in attendance on a feudal lord or his wife. She was responsible for running the household, organizing the affairs of the estate, and overseeing the servants. She also acted as mediator between her lord and the peasantry. Later, the word was used to refer to the lady of the house, either as the head of the household or as its manager.

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