What is another word for chatty?

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Chatty is a word that typically describes someone who is fond of rambling on and on. However, there are a plethora of synonyms you can use to describe someone who is chatty. Some of the most popular alternatives include talkative, loquacious, garrulous, voluble, communicative, effusive, verbose, and animated. Other options include expressive, outgoing, sociable, conversational, and perky. Some more unique alternatives include circuitous, circumlocutory, logorrheic, prolix, and tautological. All of these synonyms connote different manifestations of chattiness and can be used to describe people who tend to talk a lot, but with varied nuance.

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    "chatty" is a word that can potentially describe someone who is always talking or engaging in conversation. In some cases, a chatty person may be a lively and enthusiastic conversationalist, while in other cases, a chatty person may be a chatterbox who is constantly talking without really saying anything. Either way, a chatty person can be a nuisance and can be tough to get a word in edgewise with.

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